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Propulsion Shaft Alignment
Van Hussen B.V. is specialized in propulsion shaft alignment.

Years and years Van Hussen B.V. has been active in the marine propulsion field. We are specialising in propulsion shaft alignment of ships in operation, using a hydraulic jack for pushing shafts up and down. Results of the measurements are plotted in graphs, which enable our engineer to draw conclusions as to the actual bearing reactions on the coupled shafting with hydraulic jack removed. If captioned forces are beyond allowable propulsion limits, remedial actions are taken by offsetting the failing bearings.

Results of the measurements

Results of the measurements are available on the spot and recommendations are made immediately. As an average we get your marine shafting system back in good working order within 24 hours upon our boarding the ship. The only need we have is two fitters or one handy shipboard engineer.


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